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Wireless access has become an important requirement for all public places. Guests visiting the various establishments such as coffee shops, hotels and malls etc expect to have access to Wi-Fi. It is important that owners of these establishments supply a Wi-Fi service that is secure, reliable and fast as the user experience is important.

Our hot spots regulate the speed and allowed data to each users in a managed way so that one user doesn't use up all the bandwidth or abuse the data with movie downloads, torrents etc. Tech5 will set up the hot spot to meet and based on your requirements for your particular establishment, ie you may wish to offer free access for a set time or set a data limit. The hot spot will be branded with your company logos. We will also provide the hot spot site owner access to our optional backend to view user stats, number of logins etc.

We also have a number of new features to assist in promoting and marketing your business/ establishment i.e. a short video of specials can be played to the users before they obtain free access or we can capture customer e-mail address and/ or cell number/ or opt to receive a newsletter or sms special from your business/ establishment.

Our Hot Spots Are Ideal For

How does it work?




Branding, Top-Ups and More!

See who is visiting and how often they come in. Track the time of day and day of the week habits of your regular patrons. See visits in the last week, month or year.

Send promotions via SMS or email to your regular customers. Create highly personalized messages to engage and encourage repeat visits. Customers opt-in to the terms and opt-out is automatic. WiFi marketing is fully POPI compliant.

We create a custom login page fully branded with your company logo and details


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Once we have received your Setup payment of R999 we will configure your hot spot to your specifications and courier the device with install instructions, You will simply plug the hot spot router into any internet connected router and start offering secure internet access to your guests
Tick to Accept the Terms and conditions Router remains property of Tech5 . It is the responsibility of the hot spot host to supply a stable Internet connection. We suggest an uncapped internet service. The hot spot service is supplied on a month 2 month basis and requires a calendar month notice on cancellation .

Your patrons or guests can now self-register to use your Wifi. We provide optional "FREE WI-FI" stickers that you can display in your window.

Pricing and Packages

    All you require is a Standard Internet connection and we will do the rest
    Unlimited Users, Fully Branded,Vouchers
    Managment Portal Access (View Stats)
    Allow Free Access (set time and data)
    Hot spot Router (Remains property of Tech5)
    Free Delivery (South Africa), Setup R 999 once off
    R350pm (Sign Up Now Button)


    Enjoy some of the benefits of having subscribers to your newsletters!
    Form relationship with clients
    Drive Traffic to your Website
    Build your companies brand
    Spread your valuable content
    Allow Customers to subscribe to your newsletter
    (POPI Compliant) Send out Specials etc


    Our Hot Spots have great benefits for you and your client!s
    Word of your hot spot will spread
    Discover a new demographic of clients
    Allocate data to bigger users
    Hot Spots market your business
    Interent is a necessity in todays time,
    be innovative and provide this solution to your clientele

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