Company Profile

Tech5 is the Value Added Multi spectrum Network Connectivity Provider of choice in KZN. Tech5 will, via the creative application of cutting edge solutions to the communication needs of our diversified client base, entrench its status and aspire to build aggressively on this platform.

Tech5 will always remain an organization that combines state of the art technology and exceptional human resources to develop and leverage value to our clients.

Tech5 holds to an “old fashioned” business philosophy that is based on the provision of real value and development of synergistic partnerships to ensure long term sustainability and growth.

Initially, the company provided radio-based communication infrastructure to emergency services, a field that requires mission-critical “always on” communication capabilities.

As a result of this service the company developed the most extensively available privately owned Wireless network in KwaZulu-Natal.

The expansion of the company into an Internet Service Provider that carried over the philosophy of “always on” connectivity to the provision of highly reliable Internet connectivity was a logical step forward.

At present Tech5 is a Second Tier Internet Service Provider and is one of a select group of ISPs to have been awarded a Value Added Network Service Provider (VANS) license by ICASA confirming that the company is considered to be sufficiently excellent, both in terms of technology and service/support provision enabling it to provide services above and beyond the norm in a reliable fashion. Tech5 provides support to numerous third tier ISPs and is acknowledged to be a technological leader in its field.

However, unlike the vast majority competitors Tech5 delivers connectivity across the full range of spectra – analogue and digital fibre, wireless ground wave and satellite.

Tech5 can design and support a solution that is customized to the specific needs of the client in a cost-effective manner backed by experienced support staff.

Tech5 is one of the very few ISPs in Southern Africa that can honestly claim to be able to provide clients with an integrated, secure “ubiquitous” computing solution that will seamlessly integrate their entire operation in terms of data management and control in a secure environment.

The company also engages in software development and provides both specialized and general hardware support to its extensive client base. Tech5 only accepts a commission once a thorough needs analysis is completed, client expectations are discussed, agreed to and a firm commitment that is backed by on time delivery project management plan is in place.

Tech5 is a preferred service provider to organizations that require extremely reliable and secure Internet connectivity for amongst other services: secure banking, real-time video surveillance, the provision of Virtual Private Networks to Corporate clients and ecologically friendly wireless networks for golfing estates and other luxury community developments.

Tech5 is a national service provider capable of designing, implementing and supporting extensive WAN services.

Competitive Advantages

Having built up strong relationships with an extensive supplies network, Tech5 has positioned itself as a channel partner, not only acting as distributors but trusted as a valuable technical research and development source often engaged in pre-launch and product development partnerships. To this end, Tech5 has enjoyed privileges beyond the scope of many aspiring ICT companies and has made critical contributions to various projects.

The breadth of services across various media and platforms, combined with a highly skilled team of developers and technicians has enabled Tech5 to provide customized multi spectrum solutions to our client base. These solutions have become an important ingredient in their product offering, providing them with a sustainable competitive advantage in their market segments.