From R199 per month

Home Uncapped Unlimited ADSL data at a fixed cost

  • Unlimited surfing, gaming and downloads
  • Fixed price for budget conscious
  • Designed for the home user
  • Fair access ensured

Uncapped ADSL solutions

Completely unshaped, High-speed ADSL

  • Designed for businesses and consumers
  • Completely unshaped for business solutions
  • Capped and uncapped solutions available
  • National sales and support footprint
  • Self-management portal
  • Round-the-clock support

Data Packages

Please Note:
  • Prices are all VAT inclusive
  • DSL router not included
  • To apply for any of our ADSL plans, an ADSL line is required
  • With Uncapped solutions we reserve the right to use the bandwith management practice of reducing a user's connection speed, (throttling) based on usage patterns and history
  • 1 concurrent connection
  • No fixed IP addresses

Product Overview

Uncapped ADSL gives you the power to surf, play and download as much as you like without going over your data cap. Although this is an Uncapped ADSL solution, fair-use policy still applies to limit abuse on the network.