A Ready Home is connected at the speed of light

Tech5 Fibre provides high speed Internet access from 5Mbps to 100Mbps uncapped service plans, with future speeds up to 1000Mbps.
Month to Month: No contracts, all fibre to the home services are month to month with no contract.


FTTH Coverage in Kloof, Gilitts, Everton, Forest Hills, Waterfall, Umhlanga, Maytime, Hawaan Estate, Dunkirk Estate, Balito, SEAWARD ESTATE, ILLALA RIDGE, IZINGA, PRESTONDALE


R 520

  • Setup Fee R2850
  • Month to Month No Contract!!!


R 595

  • Setup Fee R2850
  • Month to Month No Contract!!!


R 685

  • Setup Fee R1710
  • Month to Month No Contract!!!


R 1130

  • Setup Fee R1710
  • Month to Month No Contract!!!


R 1495

  • Setup Fee R1710
  • Month to Month No Contract!!!


Tech5 offers you calls over your fibre connection using a high quality Siemens cordless phone that you can use throughout your house (Up to 4 Additional handset can be added), saving you up to 30% on calls costs. Our network also supports sip clients and PBX systems.

  • Uncapped data
  • Intelligent Router

Key Benefits

  • Future Available Speeds up to 1000Mbps
  • High Speed Fibre Feed to Hub
  • Unshaped Service
  • Voice Ready
  • Secure Service
  • VoIP rates - 30% call saving
  • No Copper Cable Theft
  • Up to 30% savings on your Telephone and Internet Bill
  • Fast Deployment of Home Entertainment
  • Increase Property Value
  • Improves Security
  • Zero Upfront Investment

All Tech5 infrastructure includes back up power therefore no load shedding related concerns!

Why should I get FTTH?

Reliable, fast broadband access speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 100Mbps uncapped service plans at fixed broadband Internet rates

We allow service upgrades to higher speeds at any time with future speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

We offer a true one stop shop from provisioning the wireless infrastructure at your premises to installing the Broadband router. Tech5 supports the service via a support help desk.

Our Fibre network is secure, and not susceptible to cable theft.
Our dedicated technical team supports and monitors the solution 24 hours a day.

    Product Spec & Benefis
  • Enjoy fast speeds from 2Mbps to 100Mbps
  • Monthly uncapped plans available
  • High availability - no copper lines required!

Fibre service plans provide high-quality broadband Internet access

  • A choice of uncapped home Internet and access services
  • We install all relevant equipment including the broadband router and fibre termination device
  • The service is scalable over the same infrastructure
  • Fibre is contended at 1:10 Speeds reflected to refer the speed across the Tech5 network
    • Standard Installation *
    • Monthly Service Charge **
  • All prices include VAT and are subject to change without notice
  • Adhoc Top Up bundle are available for all service plans – R20/GB
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied
  • Installation fee includes the first 30 meters of fibre cabling from the customer boundary wall to the router, additional fee's may apply thereafter

Check if Fibre is available in your area

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Go Fibre to the Home (FTTH).
Dark purple means that Fibre is available in your area with speeds up to 100Mbps,
Terms and Conditions apply.
On Your Mark.
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