Tech5 Launches LTE- Advanced

Tech5 has launches LTE Advanced, Super fast Internet at fantastic prices and includes a free-to-use high-end wireless LTE router  - all delivered to your door within 4 working days.

All the packages come with LTE speeds ranging from 10Mbps - 100Mbps (which is 5x faster than standard ADSL) Speed is not garanteed and very depending on coverage.

Included in the LTE deals is a free-to-use plug-and-play wireless Huawei B618 or B315 high end LTE router (stock dependant). Router to be returned on cancelation.

How the new LTE offering compares

With these new LTE offerings from Tech5, you can get an even faster, and arguably more reliable, product at similar pricing on the Rain network.

The deal is offered on a month-to-month basis, with no contracts. Router remains property of Tech5.

Should you choose to cancel your service, all that is required is 1 calendar month’s notice, We will send a Courier Services to collect the router.

Should you wish to keep the router, you can purchase it at the full retail price from Tech5.

Choose Your LTE-A Package

25GB / pm

R 299pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

55GB / pm

R 549pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

85GB / pm

R 799pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

120GB / pm

R 999pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

220GB / pm

R 1 349pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

330GB / pm

R 1 599pm

  • R999 Setup Fee
  • Includes SIM and Delivery
  • No Contract

Package Details

  • R999 Includes Sim card and Delivery (South Africa)
  • Please confirm you have coverage in your area before application
  • LTE speeds cannot be guaranteed. Speeds are generally at least 10 Mbps and up to 100 Mbps (5-10x faster than standard ADSL!)
  • Wifi coverage may vary depending on your property size.
  • Please note that this promotional pricing can only be guaranteed up to November 2018
  • Month 2 Month Service (Calendar month cancellation notice period applies)

I am not in coverage yet, when will I be?
We are rolling out the LTE network on a daily basis across South Africa. We have a massive core infrastructure and have interconnected all the major metros across the country. Check our coverage map to see if you’re in coverage.

What speeds should I expect with LTE-A?
10Mbps -100Mbps, LTE-A or 4G+ implies super-fast speeds and reliable connectivity. However, speed is dependent on various factors such as distance from the base station, time of day, terrain, obstacles (such as buildings and trees) etc.

I have received my router but am unable to connect to the internet?
You need to plug in your sim card - Please log a ticket with Tech5 email [email protected]

Can I get a Voip/Landline
Yes we offer Voip over LTE - Call quality will be depemdant on your signal strength, we dont reconmend Voip if you have low signal levels

Can I check my signal
The router has a signal indicator

Do I own the router
The router always belongs to Tech5 and will be recovered on cancelation of your service. (Router Valued @ R3219)

Check if LTE-A is available in your area